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Local Projects

Zonta South Auckland members are privileged to be involved in a variety of community programmes which include:

  • the making of breast cushions gifted to women through medical institutions and to any private individual who requires one. (Phone Margaret Sheppard 09 238 6355)
  • the baking of muffins and soup for Totara Hospice South Auckland
  • the provision of care bags for Women's Refuge
  • Teen Parenting, gifts to mothers of a diary and annual prizes
  • the knitting of woollen singlets and beanies for needy mothers at Papakura Maternity Unit and Pukekohe Maternity Unit.

More detail below on these projects.

For further information: Phone Margaret 09 238 6355

Breast Cushions

A dedicated team of South Auckland Zonta Club women meet frequently to cut out, sew and fill specially designed cushions for women who have recently undergone surgery for breast cancer.

The beautiful silky fabric is donated by people in the community who have heard about the project and are delighted to contribute, sometimes by firms who have surplus material and also by many women who have been grateful recipients of the cushions.

The breast cushion aids recovery by allowing the woman to sit, sleep and rest comfortably, as well as by preventing hurt from bumps while walking around and any discomfort from wearing seat belts.


To The Wonderful Ladies who make the Breast Cushions

"I first became aware of the cushions at the first breakfast for the Manurewa Breast Cancer Awareness Group. This breakfast was a "Talk to the Talkers" to help women who meet other women to be able to encourage them to have regular mammograms".
"At this breakfast a group of your ladies showed us the cushions.  They left three with me which I have since been able to give to my customers who have recently had a mastectomy.  I found it a great way to offer support to them during this life-changing time".

Kathy Maxwell
BPharm, PGDipClinPharm,
MClinPharm, MPS,FNZCP,

Jet fills cushions in preparation for wrapping in cellophane with an accompanying card

'Gift from Zonta with Love'

Mariee and Margaret spend hundreds of hours on their labour of love
Gorgeous young helper stuffing the cushions - working for her community

Wrapping with love

Margaret and Mariee with enthusiastic supporter wearing their morning's work

The team receive many cards, letters and financial donations from thankful women who have found enormous benefit from the use of the specially shaped cushions, made with love by kind and caring women who gift their time to Zonta and the community.

The time spent making the cushions is enjoyed immensely by the team, They have a lot of fun and laughter but they are very aware that the work they are doing greatly benefits other women in the community. If you wish to contribute to this valuable project please contact:

Margaret Sheppard: Phone Pukekohe 09 238 6355

or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." title="Breast cushions">sThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Teen Parents:

Zonta is also currently working with the Association of Teen Parent Educators in helping young women regain their places in society by providing them with opportunities to finish their education as well as providing parental training. Being a new mother can inhibit young women from having a successful career, which is why Zonta is helping to raise the status of these young women and to enable them to reach their potential.



Papakura Maternity Unit &
Pukekohe Maternity Hospital

Zonta South Auckland members and friends are knitting for mothers at the Papakura Maternity Unit and the Pukekohe Maternity Hospital.

Busy mothers are very grateful for the gift of woollen singlets and beanies because many baby clothes are today made of acrylic. The card which accompanies the gift reads:

‘Congratulations on your new precious gift, a life to nurture’
With the compliments of the Zonta Club of South Auckland Inc
‘Because We Care’

Over the last two years more than 500 beautiful woollen singlets and 600 beanies have been knitted.

Christine is passionate about gifting woollen singlets and beanies to needy and appreciative mothers.

More than 600 gift bags have been given to mothers since 2010 whose babies have been born at the Papakura and Pukekohe Maternity Hospitals.

Pauline Maddock presents gifts to Papakura Maternity Lead Midwife, Robynne Hubbard.


Reported in 'The Aucklander' 2011: "A Yarn To Warm Your Heart" 

'Club president Pauline Maddock says our club members want to give something back to the community. "Two of our members were born at the unit, ten of our members had babies there and three members have had grandchildren born there.

"One of our older members knits the body of the singlet, then she gives that to one of the younger members to finish all of the shaping - she does that on the train to work,"

Papakura Maternity Unit's lead midwife, Robynne Hubbard, says they "really appreciate all of the work that the Zonta club does".'